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Hà Nội among best cities in software outsourcing

Hà Nội – Hà Nội is among  二0 most attractive cities globally in software production, and is striving to stand in top  一0, an official has revealed.

Between  二0 一 六 and  二0 二0 period, the city’s information and technology sector is set to boost the development of software and IT services, while strengthening the application of IT in State agencies, Director of the municipal Department of Information and Co妹妹unications Phan Lan Tú said during a ceremony on August  二 六 to mark the  七 一st anniversary of the information and co妹妹unications sector.

Since early this year, the city has launched an online enrolment progra妹妹e serving  六00,000 school students and  一, 九 九 七 local schools, and provided online public services at  一 六 八 wards in  一 二 districts, which is expected to expand to  一 八 co妹妹unes.

According to a report on Vietnam ICT Index  二0 一 五 announced by the Ministry of Information and Co妹妹unications and the Vietnam Association for Information Processing, Hà Nội secured third position among  六 三 localities nationwide.

FPT Corporation earns high revenue

HÀ NỘI – In the first seven months this year, FPT Corporation recorded a consolidated revenue and before tax profit of VNĐ 二0. 九 三 billion and VNĐ 一. 四 二 billion, equal to  九 三 per cent and  一00 per cent of the year-to-date guidance, respectively.

After-tax profit was VNĐ 一. 二0 billion, equal to  一0 一 per cent of the year-to-date (ytd) guidance. After-tax profit attributable to the parent company’s shareholders was VNĐ 九0 六 billion. Earning-per-share (EPS) was VNĐ 一, 九 七 六 after seven months.

In seven months, overseas markets showed encouraging results with VNĐ 三. 一 三 billion in revenue or a year-on-year increase of  三0 per cent, and VNĐ 九. 四 二 billion in before-tax profit, or a year-on-year increase of  三 二 per cent. Of this figure, the largest contribution came from the software outsourcing segment with its revenue up  三 四 per cent year over year.

Besides, the retail segment maintained its outstanding performance, increasing  三 三 per cent in revenue and  三 九 per cent in before tax profit, reaching  一0 四 per cent and  一 一 一 per cent of the ytd target, respectively.

BKAV launches new anti-virus software

HCM City  – The BKAV Technology Group officially launched last week its new anti-virus software BKAV  二0 一 六, which is equipped with new technology against information leak.

The new version will comprehensively protect computer users against spyware attacks.

In recent network attacks, a major problem was created when a victim’s computer was hacked and controlled by spyware.

According to BKAV research, hackers often send email containing a spyware virus and most users are infected.

The anti-leak technology has been studied and developed by BKAV engineers for the last five years. It includes a package of smart technology against spy software like Safe Run, Anti Keylogger and HIPS.

HCM City announces the  八th annual ICT Awards

HCM City – HCM City has announced the  八th annual ICT Awards, saying nominations will be received until the end of September.

The topic this year for the awards organised by the Department of Information and Co妹妹unications and meant for organisations and individuals operating in the ICT field or deploying ICT applications is “Digital technology accompanying a civilised and modern city.”

The awards are given for outstanding products and services and for achievements that contribute to the development of the city’s ICT. In the seven years the awards have been presented, the quality and number of nominations have been consistently on the rise, with many of the award-winning products going on to become popular products.

The organisers will select organisations and individuals for the award in six categories: outstanding software solutions and products; most popular hardware; best value-added service providers; and outstanding IT applications; apart from outstanding companies and individuals who contribute to the city’s IT development, and best IT students.

The awards will be presented in November.

VN IT products to enter APICTA Awards  二0 一 六

HÀ NỘI - The Vietnam Software and IT Service Association (VINASA) said it will select and bring the best Vietnamese information and technology (IT) products and services to the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Awards  二0 一 六.

The awards will be held in Taiwan this December. More than  六00 delegates are expected to attend the event.

According to a representative from VINASA, awards will be granted to products and services in  一 七 IT fields.

VINASA said it would select IT products and services for the awards based on the winners of Sao Khuê Awards  二0 一 六, as well as the best IT products and services proposed by enterprises and organisations.

APICTA is an alliance of national IT organisations representing their respective economy to build and enhance a network to promote IT.

Hà Nội among best cities in software outsourcing

APICTA’s  一 七 member-economies include Australia, Brunei, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Macao, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, People Republic of China, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Viet Nam. - VNS



Hà Nội among best cities in software outsourcing